Top Solar Inverters Brands in Pakistan

Solar inverters are an integral component of a solar energy system. All solar inverters are not the same. There are different types of solar inverters in Pakistan. These differ in their manufacturing, operation, and various other characteristics. Choosing the right solar inverter is crucial. It determines how much electricity can be used from the total electricity produced by your panels. This is not it; your choice of inverter will also affect the overall health and utility of your system.

Solar Inverters in Pakistan

We are going to discuss the top solar inverters in Pakistan that you should consider for your solar system. These inverters are all tested and tried in the tough condition of the local region. We will also discuss their different features as well. If you still have any questions left about the solar inverter, you can get in touch with us. List of Solar Inverters in Pakistan:

On-grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Off-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is a device that is often termed the brain of the solar energy system. This device manages the entire operations of the solar panel system and is crucial for its usage. The primary functions of a solar inverter are as follows:

  • Converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used by the appliances.
  • Manages the flow of electricity in the entire system.
  • Helps monitor the performance of the entire solar energy system.
  • Detects any fault or issue in the solar system so that it can be fixed.

Types of Solar Inverters

Solar inverters can be divided into different types based on various parameters. Here we are going to divide them on the basis of the type and the usage of the solar system. The three types of solar inverters in Pakistan based on this criterion are as follows:

On-grid solar inverters

Off-grid solar inverters

Hybrid solar inverters

What is An On-Grid Solar Inverter?

An on-grid solar inverter also called a grid-tied solar inverter can be connected to the utility grid. This inverter can send electricity to the grid and can also receive it from the grid. A net meter can be used to measure this transfer of electricity to get further benefits from the excess electricity you produce.

Top On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Here is a list of the best On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan:

Infini Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Voltronic Power Technologies Corp. has been developing power devices for over two decades. Voltronic Power is committed to offering high-quality goods and services to suit the needs of a wide range of customers. Their factory has ISO9001 and ISO1400 certifications. To meet the expanding demand, they expanded their building, and their R&D is near the manufacturing regions for maximum efficiency. Under the Infini brand, they provide on-grid and hybrid solar inverters. Voltronic Power ensures consistent product quality and reliable product development. Voltronic Power has a long history of growth, innovation, and customer service.

Features of Infini Grid-Tied Solar Inverter In Pakistan

  • The most distinguishing features of these grid-tied solar inverters in Pakistan are:
  • Absolute sine wave output shows excellent working
  • Microprocessor controls stable charging system
  • Integrated MPPT solar charger
  • LCD for complete information
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Remote monitoring options available
  • Green replacement for generators
  • User-adjustable battery charging current
  • IP65 protection against dust and moisture
  • Compact design, easy to install
  • A built-in timer ensures an uninterrupted supply without the user having to turn it on or off
  • 100% sine wave output shows the absolute conversion of DC into AC
  • Software monitors and displays all the operations
  • Automatically handles the consumption and feed to the grid.
  • An in-built timer ensures everything is happening perfectly
  • Allows parallel operation and multiple communications

Suntwin Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a reputable designer and producer in the solar PV industry. It has been recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise and is ISO9001:2008 accredited. Inverters from JFY are used in more than 50 nations around the world, and the company has 16,000m2 of production space and R&D facilities in Shenzhen. JFY has a wealth of production experience to give customers high-quality, cost-effective goods and integrated energy solutions. JFY is a top supplier of great products and services. The range of goods includes solar inverters (1.5KW–1MW), off-grid inverters for solar energy (0.5KVA–200KVA), UPSs, and spring solar pumping inverters (550W–75KW). Users all over the world agree that they operate consistently and function superbly.

Features of JFY SUNTWIN Grid-Tied Solar Inverter in Pakistan

  • The most common features of these on-grid solar energy inverters in Pakistan are as follows:
  • Innovative and compact design which allows it to be placed and fitted anywhere easily.
  • Has a high-efficiency rate; as claimed by the company, it can provide more than 97% efficiency in optimum conditions
  • Low running noise as compared to other inverters
  • New generation technology with two inputs
  • High-speed MPPT for efficient time tracking and improved energy harvesting
  • True sine wave output shows absolute energy conversion with minimum loss
  • In-built RS-485/RS-232 serial communication
  • One of the distinguishing features is a multi-language display
  • Auto-detection software which decided whether inputs are parallel or independent
  • PC software allows remote monitoring of the system
  • Has overload handling ability and excellent thermal performance

Trannergy Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Trannergy Co. Ltd. is a major brand in the solar business, committed to designing, making, and marketing solar inverters. Trannergy’s solar inverters have been installed on tens of thousands of residential rooftops and commercial PV plants across the world due to their high efficiency, excellent quality, simple installation, and convenient after-sales services. Trannergy views continual technological innovation as a key source of competitive advantage. They have a skilled R&D team that is well-versed in power electronics technology and development.

Trannergy’s solar inverters place a premium on quality and dependability. Their stringent quality control system ensures compliance with ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, and grid safety regulations such as VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126-1-1+A1, AS4777, UTE, ENEL, RD1663, G83/2, G59/2, G59/3, IEC61727, IEC62116, MEA, PEA, NB/T32004-2013, and many more. The major components are from well-known manufacturers, and each inverter is rigorously tested before shipment to assure the long-term functionality of their products.

Features of TRANNERGY Grid-Tied Solar Inverter in Pakistan

The most common and distinguishing features of these on-grid solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Their efficiency may reach a maximum level of 98.2% while performing a wide range of operations
  • Wide DC input range
  • Wide MPPT voltage range
  • Dual MPPT input voltage
  • IP65 protection against water and dust
  • Extremely silent with little to no noise
  • Fanless cooling ability
  • Designed in a way to ensure a long lifecycle
  • A DC switch comes with the product
  • Online real-time monitoring ability
  • Compact, stylish, and easy-to-install design
  • Automatic functioning with auto on/off features

Abb Solar Inverters in Pakistan

ABB is a technology pioneer in electrification and automation, paving the way for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. Engineering know-how and software are combined in the company’s solutions to maximize how objects are created, moved, powered, and operated. ABB’s 105,000 workers are dedicated to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation, building on more than 130 years of excellence.

ABB provides a wide range of power converters and inverters for usage in a variety of applications across various sectors. ABB power converters and inverters assist customers in producing and utilizing energy efficiently. They are built to be dependable even under the most extreme situations, with minimal life cycle costs. ABB power converters and inverters are supported and serviced globally.

Features of ABB Grid-Tied Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Some of the most distinguishing and commonly appraised features of these solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Split-phase and single-phase output
  • Wide input and output range
  • Real-time tracking with high-speed and precise MPPT algorithms
  • Environmental resistance enclosure which keeps the inverter safe
  • Internationally approved in-built DC switch
  • Excellent efficiency of up to 97.1%
  • Integrated monitory system
  • Maximum input voltage
  • The long and reliable service life of at least 20 years
  • Adjustable with the various local utility system
  • Remote Monitoring system

Huawei Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Huawei, founded in 1987, is a global leader in information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart products. They employ 207,000 people and operate in over 170 countries and territories, serving over three billion people worldwide. Huawei is dedicated to bringing digital to every individual, home, and organization to create a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei capitalizes on its advantages in digital and power electronics technologies while innovating in the integration of its established digital technologies with PV technologies. It provides intelligent FusionSolar PV + storage solutions for electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption in five scenarios: Smart PV & ESS Generator, Smart String Energy Storage System, C&I Smart PV Solution, Residential Smart PV Solution, and Smart Micro-grid Solution. The methods lower the lifetime levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of PV facilities and improve grid formation performance, allowing PV to become a primary energy source.

Features of HUAWEI ON-GRID Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Some of the best features of these on-grid solar inverters in Pakistan are as under:

  • Highly efficient with maximum efficiency of 98.9% – 99%
  • 6 MPPTs for multipurpose adaptations to diverse layouts
  • Natural cooling technology eliminates the need for external fans
  • IP65 protection from dust and moisture
  • Anti-Islanding Shield
  • AC overcurrent Safety
  • Ability to detect residual current
  • DC and AC surge arrester Type-2 installed
  • LED indicator display
  • Bluetooth, USB, and APP availability
  • Compact and stylish design with extremely silent operations
  • AFCI powered by Artificial Intelligence to lessen fire risk
  • Up to 30% higher yield from each solar panel
  • No such parts are used which wear down and need to be replaced

 Goodwe Solar Inverters in Pakistan

GoodWe, founded in 2010, is a world-leading provider of smart energy solutions, with a focus on the research and manufacturing of PV inverters and energy storage systems. The company now has a diverse product range, including inverter solutions ranging from 0.7kW to 250kW for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale applications, as well as lithium batteries, PV building materials, and a smart energy management system. GoodWe PV inverters have a long history of significant presence in the solar market, with a total installation of 35 GW in over 100 countries.

Features of Goodwe On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Some of the best features of grid-tied solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Maximum efficiency of up to 98.2%
  • Built-in DC switch
  • IP65 dust-proof and water-resistant protection
  • Full load output even at 45 degrees Centigrade
  • Lightweight and compact can be installed easily
  • Has multiple monitoring and communication channels including Wi-Fi Communication
  • 5-inch super large LED display
  • No Fan required
  • Silent operations
  • Appropriate for both outdoor and indoor installations
  • Provide up to 30% DC input oversizing
  • Offers up to 10 % AC output overloading
  • Comes with up to 12 MPPT outputs based on the model

Solis Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Solis, which was founded in 2005, is one of the most experienced and largest makers of solar inverters. Ginlong’s cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale consumers add value at every stage of the solar supply chain, attracting homeowners and companies as well as power producers and renewable energy investors from across the world.

The Solis brand represents the company’s solar inverter product line, which combines unique string technology to guarantee first-class reliability that has been certified by the most stringent international standards. Ginlong optimizes its Solis inverters for each regional market by combining a worldwide supply network with world-class R&D and manufacturing skills.

Features of Solis On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Some of the most notable features of these solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Over 97.0% Max. efficiency
  • 200V-800V MPPT voltage range-ultra low startup
  • 0″ LCD color screen display
  • Compact and light design, easy installation
  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation
  • Anti-resonance, the single transformer can connect 6M+ in parallel
  • RS485, Wi-Fi /LAN/GPRS interface
  • Real-time monitoring
  • High switch frequency technology-
  • Smaller DRM integrated fully comply with AS47772:2015
  • Rated for external installation
  • WiFi monitoring available
  • Available in the App Store for monitoring
  • Multiple protections levels
  • 5 years warranty 20 years optional upgrade

 Fronius Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Fronius Solar Energy Division has emerged as the industry leader in quality and a sustainable role model due to its exceptional products and services. Since 1992, Fronius’ Solar Energy Division, the company’s newest branch, has been researching, developing, and manufacturing cutting-edge photovoltaics products. Grid-tie inverters are just one of the many products they provide for creating, storing, transporting, and consuming renewable energy. From the outset, they were a solar pioneer and inverter manufacturer.

Features of Fronius On-Grid Inverters in Pakistan

Some of the top characteristics of these solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • 2 MPPT inputs available to maximize working
  • Can provide 208-240 output
  • Integrated monitoring system
  • Built-in AC and DC connects
  • Wide range of DC input (230-500VDC)
  • Online monitoring system available
  • Display system shows all operations on an LED
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.1%
  • Compact, stylish design for indoor and outdoor operations
  • IP56 & IP66 protection from dust and moisture
  • Transformer-less with regulated cooling allows silent operations
  • Integrated AFCI for increased safety

SMA Solar Inverters in Pakistan

SMA, a global leader in photovoltaic system technology, is setting the bar today for tomorrow’s decentralized, digital, and renewable energy supply. More than 3,600 SMA employees from 20 countries have worked on this project. Their creative solutions for all types of solar applications provide people and businesses throughout the world with greater freedom in meeting their energy needs. They are assisting people in transitioning to a self-sufficient, decentralized, and sustainable energy source in partnership with their partners. They have the proper device for every application, including all module kinds, grid connections, and feeding into stand-alone grids, small house systems, and commercial systems in the Megawatt range.

Features Of SMA On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Some of the best traits of these solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Can be placed on the floor and mounted on the wall as well
  • Does not require any DC fuse
  • Has built-in DC connector
  • Built-in Wi-Fi facility available
  • Protection for AC/DC overvoltage
  • Completely accessible connection areas
  • Integrated DC isolator
  • Simple and attractive design
  • LED display shows all operations
  • Can be monitored remotely
  • Six MPPT inputs allow maximum working
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.4%

Sungrow Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (“Sungrow”) is one of the most bankable inverter brands in the world, with over 340GW installed globally as of December 2022. Sungrow, founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, is a pioneer in the research and development of solar inverters, with the industry’s largest dedicated R&D team and a diverse product portfolio that includes PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions, NEV driving solutions, EV charging solutions, and renewable hydrogen production. Sungrow products power over 150 nations globally and have a strong 26-year track record in the PV industry.

Features of Sungrow On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Some of the defining features of these grid-tied solar inverters in Pakistan are as under:

  • Increased output with Maximum efficiency of 98.4%
  • Has an integrated LCD screen for monitoring
  • Has an integrated LCD screen for monitoring
  • Up to a 1.3 DC/AC ratio
  • High-end C5 anti-corrosion rating
  • Push-in connectors are available for a secure installation that takes little time.
  • Application for online surveillance (iSolarCloud)
  • Frequently updated firmware and features
  • RCD and built-in surge arresters
  • Alloy aluminum die casting
  • Some of the more expensive devices offer real-time monitoring.
  • Smart management system and small design

Growatt Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd is a respectable company that is rapidly expanding. The company is well-known and respected around the world for developing storage systems as well as cost-effective, high-efficiency photovoltaic inverters. Growatt provides a wide range of solar inverters ranging from 1kW to 2.52MW, as well as smart home energy management and energy storage options for on- and off-grid applications. In early 2017, the company employed 1200 individuals. Growatt inverters have already been delivered to over 100 countries worldwide.

Features Of Growatt On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

The best features of these on-grid solar inverters in Pakistan are as below:

  • 9% maximum efficiency
  • 8 strings of sophisticated monitoring and fuse protection
  • 8 strings of sophisticated monitoring and fuse protection
  • Transformer-less
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC
  • Internal DC switch
  • Compact Design and Simple Installation
  • Anti-PID for PV Module
  • Optional AC Switch / AFCI Function
  • Supporting AC Power Supply
  • Detailed Warranty Program

 What Is An Off-Grid Solar Inverter?

An off-grid solar inverter cannot be connected to a grid. It is often used in areas where grid electricity is not available. It is also used to gain complete energy independence from the grid; however, the system capacity needs to be quite big to provide electricity 24/7. These inverters can also be connected to batteries to store electricity to use at night.

Top Off-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Here is a list of the best off-grid solar inverters in Pakistan.




Axpert Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Axpert has a variety of models with varying features and capacities. This series includes inverters ranging in power from 1kW to 11kW. Some of their models have a maximum efficiency of 93%. The following are the key differentiating qualities of these off-grid solar inverters in Pakistan:

  • Smart load management with dual outputs
  • Indication of status with RGB lights
  • Mobile monitoring enabled with built-in WiFi
  • Enabled USB on-the-go function
  • Has a reserved communication port for BMS
  • Fan is replaceable for ease of maintenance
  • Battery-independent design
  • Option to select high-power charging current
  • Option to select input voltage range for appliances
  • Compatible with Utility mains and generator input
  • Superior protection with Built-in anti-dust kit

Jaguar Off-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

This simple solar inverter is designed to power your valuable 3C devices or home appliances. It can also handle motor-type loads with high surge power, such as drills, vacuums, and small freezers. Thanks to an integrated MPPT solar charger, it can convert solar energy to battery power and provide continuous power to connected equipment at night. The following are the characteristics of these off-grid solar inverters in Pakistan:

  • Simulated sine wave inverter
  • Built-in protection from overload and short circuit
  • Wide input voltage range of 90 to 280VAC
  • LED display for detailed information

 ALFA Off-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

This inverter/charger combines the functions of an inverter, an AVR, a solar charger, and a battery charger to provide continuous power for home and office appliances. Its large LCD display allows for user-configurable and convenient button operation, such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and allowed input voltage based on application. These off-grid solar inverters in Pakistan include the following features:

  • Intelligent communication system installed
  • Boost and Buck AVR system
  • Integrated solar charger
  • LCD panel for display and for users to configure settings
  • Works with AC mains and generators
  • Flexible mechanical design

What is a Hybrid Solar Inverter?

A hybrid solar inverter has the abilities of both off-grid and on-grid inverters. It can be connected to the grid as well as the batteries at the same or even separately as well. It allows users to benefit from net metering as well as battery storage.

Top Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Here are the best hybrid solar inverters in Pakistan.

Goodwe Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Wood Mackenzie, a worldwide energy research firm, classified GoodWe as the top 5 single-phase string inverter suppliers globally and the largest storage hybrid inverter supplier by the end of 2019. In February 2020, we became the world’s first non-European inverter producer to achieve the prestigious VDE-AR-N 4110-2018 compliance certificate from TÜV Rheinland Industrial Service.

Features Of Goodwe Hybrid Solar Inverters In Pakistan

The topmost distinguishing features of these hybrid solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Built-in charge controller
  • Smart battery management function
  • Grid-tied and off-grid operation
  • Compatible with lead-acid and Li-ion batteries
  • Increased performance and security
  • IP65 dust-proof and waterproof protection
  • Remote monitoring via PCs, tablets, and mobiles
  • The fanless design allows low-noise operations
  • Dual MPPT inputs with a Max of 6500Wp
  • 100A Battery charger with the system
  • Full-load output at temp as high as 45°C
  • The future conception of Solar
  • Some models have a max efficiency of 98.3%

Infini Hybrid Solar Inverters In Pakistan

Voltronic Power, which was formed in May 2008, manufactures Infini solar inverters. The company manufactures and sells PV inverters, UPS systems, and standard inverters. The company employs about 4000 people and has manufacturing plants in China, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Under the Infini name, they provide hybrid solar inverters. Voltronic Power ensures dependable product development and consistent production quality. Voltronic Power has a long history of growth, innovation, and customer service.

Features Of Infini Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

The most common and best features of these hybrid solar inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Hybrid inverter with energy storage
  • Absolute sine wave output shows excellent working
  • Microprocessor controls stable charging system
  • Multiple operations: Grid-tie, off-grid, when attached to batteries
  • Integrated MPPT solar charger
  • LCD for complete information
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Remote monitoring options available
  • Green replacement for generators
  • User-adjustable battery charging current
  • IP65 protection against dust and moisture
  • Compact design, easy to install

Still Not Sure?

The rush to be the market leader has accelerated to the point that every other day, new technology is released to outperform the competitors. Because consumers have a plethora of solid options, the competitive environment is both advantageous and perplexing. If you are unsure about which inverter to use, contact Premier Energy and we will assist you in selecting the best inverter that meets your demands and budget.

We are Pakistan’s Leading Solar Company, providing complete solar systems at affordable prices so that more people can participate in Pakistan’s energy revolution. We intend to make Pakistan energy independent to end the energy and economic issues. You can contact us via phone, email, or come to our office for a full chat with our solar energy consultants over a cup of tea.

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