We often hear the words renewable energy and its importance in creating a clean and green world. Here we are going to explore what is renewable energy. We will also discuss some of the top renewable energy solutions.

In addition, we will also discuss the usage of these renewable energy solutions in Pakistan as well as in other parts of the world. Contact us, if you want to know more about renewable energy solutions available in Pakistan.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is the energy that is gained from resources that do not deplete over time. These sources are naturally replenished over time and hence can an unlimited supply of energy for us. The majority of renewable sources are also sustainable; hence, they cannot help us fight energy but environmental crises as well.

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    Major Renewable Energy Solutions

    Major Renewable Energy Solutions

    Here is a list of some of the major renewable energy solutions being used worldwide. We will also discuss their utility in Pakistan and the global market.

    • Solar Energy
    • Hydro
    • Bio
    • Wind
    Solar Energy

    In our opinion, solar energy is the best source of renewable energy. Not only it is clean, but it is available in abundance. Here are three major reasons that make solar energy the best.

    Solar energy only requires solar panels to create electricity so it is quite affordable for the masses

    It is available in abundance as the sun has been a source of energy from the beginning till the end

    With the latest innovation, new forms of solar fabrics and other such materials are being created that can revolutionize the world and its energy patterns

    One noticeable fact about solar energy is that it itself is clean; however, the production of solar panels releases harmful toxins into the environment. Also, they only work in the day and hence there is no production of electricity at night. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved as the technology progresses.

    In Pakistan

    Pakistan lies in a temperate zone and a major part of the country has exceptional solar insolation. This makes solar one of the best renewable solutions for the country. Due to this very fact, solar is being rapidly installed not only at a government scale but on a private level as well. We can expect solar energy to be leading the way toward the country’s energy independence over the coming years.


    Globally solar energy is being widely adopted at all levels. Not only developed but developing countries are switching to solar as well. Countries like Germany, the United States, and China are spearheading this global energy shift to solar energy. Many countries with limited land space are even using floating solar panel farms to generate electricity from the Sun.

    Hydro Energy

    Hydropower is another big source of renewable energy. Compared to solar energy, Hydropower is totally clean. For the generation of electricity from hydropower, the government needs to build large dams which not only take years but also a lot of resources as well. On the bright side, its life spans not only decades but centuries. In these dams, the water is collected and released from a higher space. Upon falling, the falling water runs turbines which generate electricity with the help of generators.

    In Pakistan

    Hydropower is a major player in Pakistan’s energy mix. It fulfills a big chunk of the electricity needs of the country. As of now, Pakistan has two main dams namely Tarbela and Managala. With Diamer and Bhasha dams under construction, we can expect a better situation in the future. The strongest key in the hydropower scenario of the country is the Kalabagh dam. Its construction faces a lot of opposition from many top political parties. This dam; however, can play a vital role in Pakistan’s journey to energy independence.


    Countries with adequate water resources vigilantly ensure the construction and maintenance of their dams. A prime example of this is our neighbor and archnemesis, India. Differences aside, the government of India has actively made hundreds of dams. These are adding value to the country’s economy through clean electricity and improved agriculture. If Pakistan wants to strengthen its economy, we should learn from India in this context.


    Biomass is one of the oldest sources of energy that even cavemen used. Biomass can be obtained through living or once-living organisms such as plants, bacteria, or even animal and human waste. Biomass can not only be used to create electricity. It can also be used to create various other forms of fuel such as black liquor, charcoal, methane, methanol, various alcohols, and more. It can also be used as fuel for vehicles, forklifts, and even submarines.

    In Pakistan

    Not a long time ago, you could see women in rural areas collecting and drying cow dung in the form of small round-shaped briquettes. These were then used as fuel to cook for daily needs. Today the government is using biofuel to generate electricity. It is not happening on a major scale, but as natural gas reserves are depleting, we should start investing in biomass energy which is renewable.


    Globally biomass is a major source of electricity, especially in regions with low natural gas resources. Many rural nations such as India, Malaysia, Kenya, and more rely heavily on biomass for their energy needs. India is a prime example in this case as well. Due to a shortage of natural fuel sources, they utilize biomass on a large scale to fulfill the energy needs of the country.

    Wind Energy

    The wind is a great source of renewable energy throughout the world. Large fans are placed in areas with high wind pressure and speed such as mountains, plains, or even offshore in the sea. Large fans like a windmill are placed in a great number in these areas. When the wind blows, the blades of the fan move and turn the ears attached to the generator which then converts it into electricity. Desert and coastal winds are widely used in the world to generate electricity through wind farms.

    In Pakistan

    Pakistan has great wind potential due to its diverse geography. We have long stretches of coastal areas and deserts which are prime sources of wind energy. Pakistan is currently producing more than 1000MW of electricity from its various wind farms. Most of these farms are located in Jhimpir and Thatta in Sindh.


    The United States with its immense wind potential and investment in setting up massive wind farms has become a world leader in this sector. Most of Europe with access to the sea is developing its wind farms due to their high coastal winds. India is investing heavily in wind farms to power its rural areas. There are entire municipalities and towns being powered in US and Denmark with wind energy.

    Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal energy comes from the heat produced by the Earth’s core and trapped under its surface. As we know, the earth’s core is burning hot and the energy produced in the form of heat then gathers under the surface. In some places, with the earth’s movement and shift in its tectonic plates, this heat finds gaps to burst out. Volcanic eruptions, hot water springs, and steam bursts are all examples of such explosions. Geothermal energy can be a great source of heat and electricity if its potential is tapped.

    In Pakistan

    Pakistan has not really explored and expanded into this domain. Our geothermal potential is not great but who knows in the future, it may hold a significant percentage in Pakistan’s energy mix.


    Globally mountainous regions historically known for volcanic activity are prime sites for power generation from geothermal energy. This includes Indonesia, Italy, the United States, Japan, and Mexico. The major parts of the world have not yet tapped into their geothermal potential.

    End Note

    Pakistan has great potential in renewable energy. It is blessed with the immense solar insolation, natural dam sites, and wind and biomass potential. It is worth noting here that the amount of money we spend in fulfilling our energy demands by imports if we could invest a portion of that money in our renewable potential, we could do much better. Lately, governments have been investing in renewable energy to make Pakistan’s energy mix more diverse and reliable. People can also add value to Pakistan’s energy condition by switching to renewable sources such as solar energy. This will not only help them generate free electricity but will also help other by reducing the burden of the national grid. All in all. We need continuous and collective efforts to adopt renewable energy on a massive scale to create a bright future together.

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