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How to Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle

How to Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Since the mid-twentieth century, Earth's environment has been warming at a remarkable rate. As indicated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there is no less than a 95 percent likelihood that this is the consequence of human action. The heat trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other ozone-depleting substances is the principal driver in this global warming pattern. Contracting ice sheets, worldwide temperature rise, diminished snow cover, ocean…

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Solar Energy is Renewable or Nonrenewable

Solar Energy is Renewable or Nonrenewable

Solar energy is a renewable growing segment of our power resource. Solar energy, which is harnessed from the sun is a clean, free, and consistent source of power that has been generate energy for billions of years. People using the sun’s power as first the third century, and the first solar energy cell technology was invented in the 1800s. It will be a definitely play an important role in the…

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Renewable Energy to Plays Vital Role in Pakistan's Future

Renewable Energy to Plays Vital Role in Pakistan’s Future

One of the primary barriers to economic progress in Pakistan continues to be the energy industry. Although Pakistan has been able to increase power generation since 2013 and reduce power blackouts that have plagued the nation for the past ten years, the power sector has been unable to develop and modernize due to high fuel costs, a reliance on imported energy products, persistent natural gas shortages, significant debt, and ageing…

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