Solar Energy is Renewable or Nonrenewable

Solar energy is a renewable growing segment of our power resource. Solar energy, which is harnessed from the sun is a clean, free, and consistent source of power that has been generate energy for billions of years. People using the sun’s power as first the third century, and the first solar energy cell technology was invented in the 1800s. It will be a definitely play an important role in the future of solar energy production

Solar Energy is Renewable or Nonrenewable

If you are curious in the environmental advantages of solar energy, or if you are thinking about getting solar energy panels for your business or home, it’s very important to understand how solar energy differs from non-renewable power sources. Solar energy generating power with solar panels has two big advantages over fossil fuels, it is both renewable and cost-effective.

How Solar Energy is Converted Into Electricity?

The solar energy converted into traditional electricity can be immediately used to traditional power lights or many other devices. We all know that sun rays emit many types of radiation composed of fundamental particles. Solar energy cells normally produce direct current (DC)-type on traditional electricity. When they hit the solar photovoltaic cells made up of silicon, a small junction is formed between the metal and semiconductor layers. It can be converted into alternating current (AC) using a device known as an inverter. Here’s noted to be that silicon is a semiconductor. Basically these processes, solar energy is transformed into traditional electrical energy. Solar energy system converted into heat energy for the purpose of water heating can be utilized immediately or save as hot water in tanks to be used later.

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