On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

On-Grid Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan

Curious about On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan? On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan is dependent upon a number of factors. Here we are going to explore all such factors that affect the cost of on-grid solar inverters in Pakistan. We will also discuss what exactly on-grid inverters are.

We are also going to bring to light the reason why giving a fixed price is not possible in the solar industry. Last but not least, we will present to you some of the most commonly used grid-tied solar inverters in Pakistan.

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    Factors Affecting the Cost of On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

    On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan
    What is an On-Grid Solar Inverter and How It Works?

    A grid-tied solar inverters is the one that is used for grid-tied solar systems. As the name suggests, this solar inverters in connected to the utility grid. The solar panels produce electricity in the form of DC power. This cannot be used to run the home appliances. The DC from panels is transported to the solar inverter which convert it to AC power. This newly converted AC is then transported to main supply and provided throughout the house. In cases, when the system is producing more electricity than required, on-grid solar inverters supply the excess to the utility grid. The net meter takes account of the electricity supplied to and from the grid. In exchange for the power supplied to the grid, the owner gets discount in the bill.

    Factors Affecting the On-Grid Solar System Price in Pakistan

    There are many factors that directly or indirectly impact the rates of solar inverters in Pakistan. We are going to briefly discuss some of the major factors below.

    Types Based On the Connection

    Based on how they are attached to the solar panels, solar inverters in this category are divided into different subcategories. There are three primary types of solar inverters in this area, which are described below:

    • String inverters
    • Micro Inverters
    • Power Optimizers
    String Inverters

    String inverters are those that are attached to a set of solar panels in a row. It takes and converts the energy coming from the solar panels that are attached. Although these have the lowest on-grid solar inverter price in Pakistan, they are the most often utilized solar inverters.

    Micro Inverters

    Micro inverters are really small inverters that can be attached to each solar panel separately. They are responsible for only converting the current from the panel with whom they are attached to. These have the highest on-grid solar inverter cost in Pakistan.

    Power Optimizers

    Power optimizers are similar to micro inverters in the way they function; however, their cost is lower than micro inverters but higher than string inverters.

    Technology of the Inverters

    Based on the tech that is used in solar inverters, their price can vary. There are two main types of technologies that are used in the solar inverters. These are explained as below:

    • Maximum Power Point Tracking
    • Pulse Width Modulation

    Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT is the tech that tracks the maximum voltage of the solar panels and ensures maximum performance. Comparatively, Pulse Width Modulation or PWM only ensures that solar panel voltage is matched with the receiving device voltage. This lowers the performance of high-power solar panels. MPPT tech although increases the cost of on-grid solar inverters in Pakistan; however, its benefits far outweigh the addition in the cost.

    Load Requirements / Inverter Capacity

    This is an obvious factor that influences the on-grid solar inverter price in Pakistan. If the requirements of the house are high, then they will require a bigger system to fulfill it. In order to better convert the electricity produced by the system, a higher capacity solar inverter will be required. This in turn increases the cost of the inverter required for the system. Similarly, if the requirements are lowers, a smaller capacity inverter will be able to fulfill it. This decreases the cost of the inverter required.


    Inflation impacts the on-grid solar inverter rates in two ways. First it increases the base cost as the companies manufacturing the inverters have to deal with increasing fuel and utility costs, increasing man power and raw materials cost. In the next stage, some installers also increase the cost to pay the expenses they bear as well in terms of manpower and other necessities. Pakistan’s current situation is a prime example of the effects of inflation on the prices of on-grid solar inverters.

    Dollar Rate

    The dollar rate refers to the exchange rate of rupee against the dollar. The companies that manufacture PV inverters sell them in dollars because it is the global currency. It is also done to ensure a consistent price across the globe. As the rupee gains or losses its value against the dollar, the rate of on-grid solar inverter in Pakistan also increases or decreases in the same pattern.

    Custom Duties and Taxes

    Duties and taxes are another reason why the on-grid solar inverter prices in Pakistan increase or decrease. These taxes may be of various natures such as, import tax, sales tax, commodity tax, or any other tax that government may implement. This is also highly dependent upon the policies and approach of the ruling party. They may or may not increase the taxes on the solar inverters hence may or may not impacting the price as a result.

    Why is It Impossible to Give a Fixed On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan?

    As discussed above, there are many factors that are always impacting the cost of the solar inverters in Pakistan. Especially now, when the economy is very volatile, the price sees fluctuation every other day. The best way solar companies deal with these conditions is to give a quote that is only valid for fifteen days. Why? Well, the reason is simple. By giving a fixed cost, the company is at the risk of taking a big monetary hit. If they later change the price to avoid the hit, they are at a risk of loosing customer loyalty due to bad experience. So to avoid both the situations, solar companies in Pakistan give a price quote that is only valid for a time period of seven to fifteen days.

    Get the Best On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

    Being the top solar company in Pakistan, Bright Energy has always worked to encourage the general adoption of solar power. Due to this, we have consistently offered the lowest prices in Pakistan for on-grid solar inverters. Due to the established long-term partnerships, we have with top-tier solar providers, we are able to provide the best costs. We are able to import substantial quantities of solar items, which not only gives us discounts but also enables us to lower the cost of solar for our customers. Other than that, because of our well-established supply chain network, we do not have problems like delivery delays or supply disruptions. We have been able to provide a budget-friendly on-grid solar inverter rate in Pakistan, thanks to these and numerous more policies that we have evaluated and implemented over the years.

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