List of Top Solar Panels in Pakistan

Solar panels are the products that help us generate free electricity from the Sun. While all solar panels generate electricity from the Sun, not all of them are created equally. Some panels are good while some are not so up to the mark. Their manufacturing, technologies, performance, and attributes differ from each other.

Best Solar Panels in Pakistan

Here, we’re going to discuss the top solar panels in Pakistan. We’ll also explore their features and some background information about the manufacturers. We will also share with you the important factors that you should consider before buying solar panels in Pakistan.

List of Top Best Solar Panels in Pakistan
Canadian Solar Panels in Pakistan

Dr. Shawn Qu founded Canadian Solar in 2001 in Canada, with a bold mission, “To foster sustainable development and create a better and cleaner earth for future generations by bringing electricity powered by the sun to millions of people worldwide.” Canadian Solar has developed internationally into one of the largest solar power plant developers and one of the largest suppliers of solar photovoltaic goods and energy solutions. Their modules combine industry-leading cost structures with outstanding quality. Canadian Solar is the best pick among our top solar panels in Pakistan.

Some Notable things about Canadian Solar are as follows:

  • Over 82 GW of solar modules shipped
  • Module capacity 32 GW Cell capacity 19.8 GW by 2022 Dec.
  • 25 GW project pipeline 40 GWh energy project pipeline of CSIQ
  • Active buying customers in more than 160 countries
  • Subsidiaries in 23 countries & regions on 6 continents
  • Over 20 manufacturing facilities in Asia & Americas

Features of Canadian Solar Panels

These are some of Canadian Solar panels’ most common and top features:

  • 158+ mm wafer + Half-Cell + PERC tech
  • Power up to 690W in Bifacial and 670W in mono facial panels
  • 2% enhanced energy yield than other modules, bifacial produces up to 30% more power than mono facial
  • Compatible with majority trackers
  • 50% Lower LeTID
  • Mechanical Load / Snow Load Up to +5400/-2400 Pa
  • Micro-crack resistance
  • The efficiency of up to 22.5% depending upon the model
  • Increased shading tolerance
  • Low hot spot temperature
  • Up to 85% bifaciality in certain modules
  • Up to 8.9% lower LCOE in some modules
  • Warranty ranging between 12 to 15 years and performance warranty ranging between 25 to 30 years
Longi Solar Panels in Pakistan

LONGi Green Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. (LONGi), which was established in 2000, is dedicated to becoming the most valuable solar technology company on the planet. LONGi is creating solutions for large-scale power plants, various industries, and households with its innovation-focused development. The company’s mission is to “Make the Best of Solar Energy to Build a Green World” and its brand positioning is “The Most Trusted, Reliable Solar Company that Blazes the Trail for Green Technology.” They plan to eventually offer “Green Power + Green Hydrogen” solutions for global zero-carbon development. Currently, the company is working with RCZ technology, Diamond wire wafer slicing technology, PERC cell technology, and Bifacial technology. LONGi is another great choice among the top solar panels in Pakistan.

Some notable things about LONGi Solar are as follows:

  • 1,387 Granted Patents
  • ¥ 12.36 Billion R&D Investment
  • ¥ 80.93 Billion in Revenue
  • 49,967 Global Employees
  • 210th rank in Fortune China 500

Features of LONGI Solar Panels

  • These are some of the most common and top features of LONGi Solar panels.
  • The nine-busbar design we used enhances the capacity for current collecting
  • First-year degradation of 2%, linear degradation of 0.45%/year, anti-LID, anti-PID
  • High voltage grade glass and junction boxes can sustain 1500V systems
  • Gallium-doped technology prevents LID deterioration and ensures that the module will continue to provide power over time
  • Working current of up to 13A
  • The efficiency of LONGi HPBC cells exceeds 25.0%. The efficiency of the PRO version HPBC cells exceeds 25.3%
  • Full-back welding technology to effectively improve the resistance to micro-cracking
  • Uniform smart soldering increases the power and efficiency of the module and improves the power load capacity
  • They have a standard power warranty of 12 years and a performance warranty of 25 to 30 years
Ja Solar Panels in Pakistan

JA Solar, a producer of high-performance solar devices, was established in 2005. Silicon wafers, cells, modules, and solar power plants are all products of the company’s operations. Products from JA Solar are widely utilized in ground-mounted power plants, commercial & industrial rooftop PV systems, and residential rooftop PV systems. They are accessible in 135 countries and territories. Customers all around the world have embraced and highly valued JA Solar due to its advantages of consistent technological innovation, stable financial performance, and well-established global sales and support networks. JA Solar is one of the most well-known brands among the top solar panels in Pakistan.

Some notable things about JA solar are as follows:

  • ¥ 41.3 Billion Annual Sales Revenue (2021)
  • 115 GW Cumulative Shipments (As of Q3, 2022)
  • 33000 Clients Worldwide (As of Q4, 2019)
  • 29638 Employees (As of Q4, 2021)
  • 12 manufacturing bases and 20 branches
Features of JA Solar Panels

Some of the most common top features of these panels are as follows:

  • Monofacial panels are equipped with multi-busbar PERC cells while bifacial panels are equipped with 11BB Bifacial PERCIUM cells
  • All the panels have a half-cell configuration
  • Highest efficiency reaching up to 21.3%
  • 55% annual degradation over 25 years for mono facial panels and 0.45% annual degradation over 30 years for bifacial modules
  • Less shading effect
  • Less resistive loss
  • Lower temperature coefficient
  • Higher power production
  • Enhanced mechanical load tolerance
  • Lower risk of hot spot
  • Superior IP68 junction box
  • Comprehensive certifications including ISO 14001, 9001, 45001; IEC 62941, 61215, 61730; UL 61215, 61730
  • 12-year product workmanship warranty and 25-year performance warranty
Jinko Solar Panels in Pakistan

One of the most well-known and cutting-edge solar technology firms in the world is Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. With a focus on the R&D of integrated photovoltaic products and integrated clean energy solutions, its company spans the key links in the solar industrial chain. From 2016 to 2019, the company ranked first in the world for module shipments. Jinko Solar is one of the first solar energy companies to join the RE100 green program and is a recognized industry thought leader within several international frameworks, including B20. Jinko Solar has won many honors such as “National Enterprise Technology Center”, “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”, and “Champion of Manufacturing “. Jinko Solar is among the top solar panels in Pakistan but it is not one of the more renowned panels in Pakistan.

Some of the notable things about the company are as follows:

  • Delivered 130 GW by the end of 2022
  • 35+ Services Centers
  • 160+ Covered Countries
  • 8,000+ Annual Orders
  • 1000+ R&D and Technical Employees

Features of Jinko Solar Panels

The top and the most common features of Jinko solar panels are as follows:

  • TOPCon Technology Innovation
  • Ultra-high Power Generation/Ultra-high Efficiency
  • Higher Bifacial Gain
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Lower LID / LETID
  • High Compatibility
  • Optimized Temperature Coefficient
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Optimized Degradation
  • Outstanding Low Light Performance
  • Exceptional PID Resistance
  • Tiger NEO has the highest efficiency in Jinko solar panels with 22.3%
  • The highest-rated power capacity is 620W
  • Depending upon the model, the product warranty ranges between 12 to 15 years, and the performance warranty ranges between 25 to 30 years
Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and is primarily focused on the research and development, production, and sales of PV modules, power stations and system products, PV power generation, operation, and maintenance services, as well as the development and sale of intelligent microgrids and multi-energy systems. The company also manages energy cloud platforms and is dedicated to setting the standard for smart solar energy solutions for a net-zero future. Trina Solar advances the PV industry by increasing grid parity for PV power and popularizing renewable energy through ongoing innovation. In terms of PV cell conversion efficiency and module output power, Trina Solar’s SKL has thus far broken or established 25 world records. Trina is a less available yet one of the top solar panels in Pakistan.

Some of the notable things about the company are as follows:

  • 100GW+ Cumulative Shipments
  • 5GW+ Grid-connected
  • 20000+ Employees
  • 150+ Worldwide Customers

Some of the top features of Trina solar panels are as follows:

  • Unique Design
  • Latest Mono Perc technology
  • High Output power
  • High Reliability
  • Low-Temperature Coefficient
  • High Efficiency
  • Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy)
  • 210mm Silicon wafer
  • 6% highest module efficiency
  • non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies
  • Depending upon the model, these panels have a power warranty of 12 to 15 years and a performance warranty of 2 years
Sunpower Solar Panels

SunPower is one of the most well-known brands in solar. Originally founded in California in 1985 to develop concentrated solar systems, the company has now transformed into one of the most well-known manufacturers of residential solar panels. With an industry-leading warranty, SunPower solar panels regularly rank among the top products currently available. Although being among the best panels available, they are pricey. It’s noteworthy that the 1993 World Solar Challenge race across Australia was won by a car using SunPower solar panels. Moreover, SunPower has provided solar panels to NASA. SunPower is mostly available in the US. It is rarely available in Pakistan and is very expensive. It is considered one of the top solar panels in Pakistan.

Some Notable Features of the company are as follows:

  • Headquarters since 1985 have been in Silicon Valley
  • Leading home and solar storage solutions in a diversified portfolio
  • Exclusive access to the highest-performing solar panels in the world that use SunPower Maxeon cell technology
  • Solar sustainability and social responsibility leader in the industry
  • For solar innovation, SunPower owns more than 1,000 patents

Features Of Sunpower Solar Panels

These are some of the top and common features of SunPower solar panels:

  • Super high module efficiency and durability
  • Industry–leading shade performance
  • Built-in Enphase Micro Inverter for maximum solar yield
  • 40-year product warranty (panel)
  • 25-year longest product warranty (inverter)
  • Maximize your roof space
  • More energy for your money
  • Flexible design, unlimited configurations
  • Redundant pathways for energy to flow
  • Remote access to future regulations
  • Low voltage on the roof
  • Standard Rapid shutdown
  • Highest efficiency of 22.7%
Panasonic Solar Panels in Pakistan

Founded in 1975, Panasonic started its journey with the production of thin-film solar panels. It is a Japanese company that is known for manufacturing quality products. All of their energy and electronic products as well as their solar panels are top-of-the-line. Now Panasonic has pulled out of manufacturing its solar panels. The company announced that a third party will be manufacturing its solar panels. Despite being manufactured by a third party, the panels will have Panasonic’s name, quality, and technology.

Features of Panasonic Solar Panels

  • Photovoltaic HIT N-type cells
  • Uses heterojunction cell technology
  • 258% temperature co-efficient
  • 25-year product warranty with 86.2% power output
  • 25-year performance warranty
  • Compact and sleek design
  • 3% annual degradation rate
  • Extremely low light-induced degradation
  • Zero potential-induced degradation
  • 4 to 20.4% module efficiency
  • 5400Pa (positive/negative) snow load/static wind
  • 40mm enhanced design frame
  • Compact, sleek, and space-efficient design
First Solar Panels in Pakistan

In 1999, First Solar was created. It is now a leader in American solar technology and a well-known producer of environmentally friendly solar panels that are produced ethically and effectively. Because it is the only company with a US headquarters that doesn’t manufacture in China, the business stands out among the top 10 solar manufacturers in the world. First solar panels are available from the company in a number of locations across the globe, including Pakistan. The superior thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules from First Solar, which represent the next generation of solar technology, provide a competitive, high-performance, lower-carbon alternative to conventional crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV panels.

Features of First Solar Panels

The top and the most common features of First solar panels are as follows:

  • Up to 540 Watts
  • Up to 19.3% Efficiency
  • 30 Year Linear Performance Warranty
  • 3% Warranted Annual Degradation Rate
  • More watts per install operation for lower BOS costs
  • Up to 20% faster installation velocity vs. Series 6
  • Improves soiling and snow shedding
  • Industry’s best warranted annual degradation rate: 0.3%
  • Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking
  • Superior temperature coefficient, spectral and shading response
  • Singular manufacturing process with 100% QA/QC traceability
  • Lowest carbon footprint, water footprint, and energy payback time

How To Choose The Right Solar Panel For Your Home?

We presented you with a list of the top solar panels in Pakistan. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the best solar panel while you’re looking for them.

Think about the Solar Panel Efficiency

One of the major determinants of how much you save on power costs each month and how quickly you repay your investment is the efficiency of your solar panels. The industry benchmark for solar panel efficiency is between 17 and 20%, so anything in that range would be quite good. Each solar panel is rated for a certain efficiency level. The highest rating we’ve come across is 25.3% efficiency, claimed by LONGi Solar.

Solar Panel Prices Comparison

Another factor to consider is that the most cost-effective solar panels are not usually the most efficient. In some instances, choosing a somewhat less effective product will offer better value. When determining your solar budget, keep in mind the price of solar installation as well as any additional components, such as inverters and battery banks. Canadian Solar, JA Solar, and LONGi Solar have the best solar panel prices in Pakistan.

Verify The Warranty Details

Also, we advise comparing a panel’s warranty to the industry norm. Ideally, any solar panels you purchase will have a warranty of at least 10 years. It would be fantastic if you could find something with a 25-year product warranty.

Consider Your Home’s Energy Requirements

Consider factors like the solar exposure of your roof, the amount of available roof space, and the monthly energy usage of your home when determining your solar demands. All of these elements play a role in figuring out how many solar panels you’ll need and what kind of solar panels you’ll require.

Final Thoughts

Our list represents the top solar panels in Pakistan. These are all worthy panels that you can choose from. Based on your personalized requirements, you can pick any of the solar panels from the list that fits your needs. You can also get in touch with Premier Energy and our experts will help you choose the best solar panels for your home.

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