Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan

Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan

Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan

Why Choose Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan for Solar System Installation? Trina Solar was one of the first solar producers in China, having been established in 1997 by Jifan Gao. Since then, Trina Solar has developed into a global innovator and manufacturer of solar technology. It is available in 150+ regions worldwide. You can also find Trina solar panels in Pakistan. As of June 2020, Trina Solar had produced and delivered more over 50 GW of photovoltaic solar panels globally. Since 2011, Trina Solar has produced 852 granted patents and achieved 20 world records for silicon solar cell efficiency and solar module power output.

According to Trina Solar, they are dedicated to sustainable growth and innovation with the aim of lowering the cost of photovoltaic power and the manufacturing process’ environmental impact. Between 2015 and 2019, Trina Solar decreased the amount of water and electricity used per MW of energy produced by 32% and 47%, respectively. Through this time, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 46% as a result of these improvements in sustainability. Trina Solar was ranked first in sustainability by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) Solar Scorecard in 2017 and 2018, which was acknowledged on a worldwide scale.

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    Modules of Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan

    Trina Solar Panels in Pakistan

    A brief overview of various series of Trina solar panels is as follows:

    Honey Series

    The Honey Series was Trina’s most well-liked in Trina’s customer-base because it struck a mix between quality and efficiency at a reasonable price. The Trina Honey solar panel with 120 half-cut cells, which is available with both monocrystalline and multicrystalline cells, is ideal for small rooftop installations. Trina offers a 12-year product and 25-linear power output warranty on all Honey Series panels. The panels in this series were the best performers according to testing by PV Evolution Labs. They additionally provide the customer alternatives that are fully black (Honey Black Series). However, only the Honey M series of Trina solar panels in Pakistan may not be available.

    Vertex Series

    The most popular Trina solar panels right now are from the Vertex Series. Vertex S, Vertex S+, Vertex N, Vertex Backsheet, and Vertex Bifacial are only a few of the sub-series. Since monocrystalline solar cells are used in all Vertex Series solar panels, the silicon is purer than that found in polycrystalline silicon. Due to its lower size and ability to accommodate more complicated residential roofs, the Vertex S is the solar panel aimed at the residential market. The Vertex S solar panel comes in two variations that may be categorized as a regular and a premium choice. The standard Vertex S solar panel measures 1754 mm x 1096 mm overall, including the aluminum frame, and has 120 half-cut monocrystalline cells. The panel’s outstanding maximum efficiency of up to 21.1% ranges in total output from 380W to 405W. This panel has a 15 year product warranty, which is a little longer than the average market panel’s 12 year warranty. The premium Vertex S solar panel has somewhat bigger overall dimensions at 1762mm x 1134mm thanks to the use of 144 monocrystalline solar cells. Because of this, these panels have watt ratings between 405 and 435W and a maximum efficiency of up to 21.8%, which is close to the highest on the market. The best part about these panels is that they come with a 25-year warranty overall, which equals the top options available to residential clients on the market. This is the key selling point.

    Tallmax and Duomax Series

    These two series were among Trina’s most popular offerings, but like the Honey Series, only Tallmax M (435-460W) is now less frequently seen in the market because production of those models has been halted. The Tallmax and Duomax series were the forerunners to Trina’s Vertex Series, and you can still find some Tallmax & Duomax in the company’s latest products with improved performance and higher efficiency.

    Features of Trina Solar Panels:

    Although each series of Trina Solar has its own characteristics, here we are going to discuss the top most common features of Trina Solar panels in Pakistan.

    • Unique Design

    • Latest Mono Perc technology

    • High Output power

    • High Reliability

    • Low-Temperature Coefficient

    • High Efficiency

    • Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy)

    • 210mm Silicon wafer

    • 6% highest module efficiency

    • Non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies

    Warranty of Trina Solar Panels

    In addition to a 25-year performance warranty that ensures a minimum 84% power output rating after 25 years of usage, Trina Solar offers a standard 12-year manufacturer’s product warranty to protect against faults for the first 12 years of operation. The Vertex S+ panels are supported by an exceptional 25-year product guarantee and 30-year performance warranty, whereas the Vertex and Vertex S panels have a longer 15-year product warranty duration with options to extend to 25 years. You can avail the warrant of Trina solar panels in Pakistan by contacting your solar installer.

    Trina Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

    Trina solar is one of the most renowned solar panel brands in Pakistan. These panels are highly efficient and are a good alternative to the other top brands like Canadian Solar, LONGi and JA Solar. The cost of these panels depends upon factors like your installer, the size and capacity of the panels, the dollar exchange rate and the overall economic condition of the country. If you want to get the best Trina Solar Panels Price in Pakistan, get in touch with Bright Energy.

    Select the Solar System Capacity for Your Home Based on Monthly Electricity Units: 

    Solar power systems are available in various capacities and types. If the usage of electricity is higher, then the capacity of the solar system is greater as well, so the required capacity of the solar system is directly proportional to or depends upon the electricity usage of the consumer. Bright Energy will help you find the right capacity for your electricity utilization.

    300-350 3KW Solar System in Pakistan
    500-600 5KW Solar System in Pakistan
    1100-1200 10KW Solar System in Pakistan
    1700-1800 15KW Solar System in Pakistan
    2300-2400 20KW Solar System in Pakistan
    2800-3000 25KW Solar System in Pakistan
    3500-3600 30KW Solar System in Pakistan
    4000-4200 35KW Solar System in Pakistan

    Bright Energy, the Best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan, provides dependable and cost-effective Solar Systems in Pakistan. Switch to renewable energy and get your home or business off the grid. Now you can get the best A-grade, Tier-1 quality Solar Panels in Pakistan and Solar Inverters in Pakistan from top-rated global manufacturers without any hassle. Going solar is a perfect investment, locking in your energy costs for a lifetime. Request a quote for Solar System Price in Pakistan, which includes Top-quality Products. Our quote includes Solar Panel Price in Pakistan, which is not a burden on your pocket. In terms of inverters, we are dealing with some big names in the industry, and our Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan makes it the most budget-friendly investment. Recently, the government announced that it would provide solar systems on installments. Through SBP’s Solar Financing Scheme, we can facilitate our customers’ purchase of a solar system on easy monthly installments. We provide a Net Metering System in Pakistan to let you save and sell excess electricity back to the grid. Bright Energy provides the best Solar Packages in Pakistan.

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