JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Curious about JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan? JA Solar is one of the best Chinese brands in Solar panels. Since its founding in 2005, JA Solar has been selling its goods in more than 135 nations. The company’s annual revenue might reach 20 billion yuan. They now rank fourth among the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, producing around 10% of the solar panels manufactured globally each year.

JA Solar has been listed in the Fortune China 500 and Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises for a number of years running. JA solar panel price in Pakistan comes in the mid-tier category as these are some of the most cost-effective options.

Factors Affecting JA Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

JA solar panels is one of the top solar brands and their panels are also cost-effective. No solar company; however, can ever give you a fixed cost of JA Solar Panels in Pakistan. The reason is various factors affecting the cost which are explained below.


Solar panels are manufactured through an intricate process which defines their characteristics and efficiency. As some say “All panels are not created equally”, some panels are better than the others for sure. If you are going to choose the latest technology of solar panels which use techniques like Gallium-doping, close knitting, and more then you are going to have to pay a higher price for higher value in return. Similarly, manufacturing cost of the solar panels directly increases or decreases their market value. The most common example of this trend is the Monocrystalline Solar Panels are better in performance and difficult to manufacture as compared to polycrystalline panels. Consequently, their cost is also higher than the polycrystalline panels.

Type of Solar Panels

The type of the solar panels also has its impact on the price of the solar. Monofacial solar panels cost less than bifacial solar panels. Similarly, the monocrystalline solar panels with half-cell technology cost higher than the polycrystalline solar panels.


The state of the economy has a major impact on the price of JA solar panels in Pakistan. For the manufacturers the economic conditions of their country make it costlier for them to produce panels. As the cost of manufacturing goes up, so does the cost at which the panels are sold. Similarly, the inflation in the country also affects the JA solar panels price in Pakistan. As the inflation hikes, the value of the rupee goes down, the cost at which these panels are procured from the manufacturers also increase. Solar companies have to take into consideration costs like manpower, utility charges and more. In order to keep the business afloat in inflation, the solution panels providers also have to increase their cost.

Dollar Rate

Dollar exchange rate in the lobal market also affects the rates of JA solar panels in Pakistan. The reason is simple as in the international market, solar panels are bought in dollars. As the rupee devalues against dollar, the solar companies have to more a higher to amount to purchase solar panels. This is also one of the effects of inflation which trickles down to the common people.

Warranty of the Solar Panels

The warranty of a solar panel can also be taken as the measure of the manufacturer’s trust in their technology. The JA Solar Panels Price in Pakistan are mid-tiered as they come with a pretty standard warranty of 12 years and 25 years for product and performance respectively. The higher the warranty, the higher the cost you can expect.

Features of JA Solar Panels

Some of the distinguishing features of JA solar panels in Pakistan which makes them one of the best are as follows:

  • Monofacial panels are equipped with multi-busbar PERC cells while bifacial panels are equipped with 11BB Bifacial PERCIUM cells

  • All the panels have half-cell configuration

  • Highest efficiency reaching up to 21.3%

  • 55% annual degradation over 25 years for monofacial panels and 0.45% annual degradation over 30 years for bifacial modules

  • Less shading effect

  • Less resistive loss

  • Lower temperature coefficient

  • Higher power production

  • Enhanced mechanical load tolerance

  • Lower risk of hot spot

  • Superior IP68 junction box

  • Comprehensive certifications including ISO 14001, 9001, 45001; IEC 62941, 61215, 61730; UL 61215, 61730

    Go Solar with Bright Energy

    How Bright Energy Offers The Best JA Solar Panels Cost in Pakistan?

    JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

    JA Solar panels are one of the most tried and tested solar panels in Pakistan. Bright Energy being one of the best solar companies in Pakistan, offers JA solar panels in most reasonable price. We are one of the pioneers in the local solar industry. We have certain plus points which let us bring the most pocket-friendly JA solar panels rates in Pakistan.

    Strong Bonds with Top Brands

    Since the beginning we have always maintained good relationships with top solar brands. This allows us to bring the best Solar Panels in Pakistan. It also allows us to negotiate a good deal that can be used to deliver budget-friendly JA solar panel prices in Pakistan.

    Well Maintained Supply Chains

    Bright Energy is a part of the Bright Group that spans over various countries including China, Pakistan, UK, Hong Kong and Middle East. Due to our supply chain management, we ensure that the products arrive in Pakistan in the least cost possible so that our customers can get the advantage in price.

    Purpose over Profit

    Bright Energy has always put purpose over profit. It is our mission to make Pakistan energy independent by revolutionizing the energy pattern. For this reason, we ensure that we offer the most reasonable JA solar panels price in Pakistan.

    Bright Energy

    If you want to Switch to Solar to get rid of high electricity bills, increase your savings and benefit from free energy of sun then Bright Energy. Our solar experts will help you choose the best solar system and get the best cost of JA solar panels in Pakistan.

    Select the Solar System Capacity for Your Home Based on Monthly Electricity Units: 

    Solar power systems are available in various capacities and types. If the usage of electricity is higher, then the capacity of the solar system is greater as well, so the required capacity of the solar system is directly proportional to or depends upon the electricity usage of the consumer. Bright Energy will help you find the right capacity for your electricity utilization.

    300-350 3KW Solar System in Pakistan
    500-600 5KW Solar System in Pakistan
    1100-1200 10KW Solar System in Pakistan
    1700-1800 15KW Solar System in Pakistan
    2300-2400 20KW Solar System in Pakistan
    2800-3000 25KW Solar System in Pakistan
    3500-3600 30KW Solar System in Pakistan
    4000-4200 35KW Solar System in Pakistan

    Bright Energy, the Best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan, provides dependable and cost-effective Solar Systems in Pakistan. Switch to renewable energy and get your home or business off the grid. Now you can get the best A-grade, Tier-1 quality Solar Panels in Pakistan and Solar Inverters in Pakistan from top-rated global manufacturers without any hassle. Going solar is a perfect investment, locking in your energy costs for a lifetime. Request a quote for Solar System Price in Pakistan, which includes Top-quality Products. Our quote includes Solar Panel Price in Pakistan, which is not a burden on your pocket. In terms of inverters, we are dealing with some big names in the industry, and our Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan makes it the most budget-friendly investment. Recently, the government announced that it would provide solar systems on installments. Through SBP’s Solar Financing Scheme, we can facilitate our customers’ purchase of a solar system on easy monthly installments. We provide a Net Metering System in Pakistan to let you save and sell excess electricity back to the grid. Bright Energy provides the best Solar Packages in Pakistan.

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