Reasons to Go Solar Right Now

Looking at the current economic crises in Pakistan there is an increasing need for financial reconstruction and improved management of resources. As the summer approaches, heat will become unbearable and we will be reminded again about the energy crises with hours of load shedding. Right now, these two are the biggest problems that Pakistan is facing. These problems are also correlated. Government cannot invest in renewable energy projects to lower power costs and improve supply of electricity due to the economic crises. On the other hand, the shortage of power and increasing bill costs make the economic condition even worse. Switch to Solar is the best option.

Reasons to Go Solar Right Now

To break this loop of doom, we as individuals need to take the charge of our energy production and usage. We can only do this by switching to solar. Here we are going to give you some of the most convincing reasons to switch to solar now.

Drastically Reduce Electricity Bills

One of the most evident advantages of solar energy is the reduction in your electric cost. It’s no secret that power bills can consume a significant chunk of your monthly budget. And they’re only getting better. Nevertheless, with a solar panel system, you may start generating free energy that will endure for 25 years or more. As long as your system is operational, you will realize significant energy savings.

The actual amount you can save will be determined by a number of factors. They include the quantity of energy you use, the number of solar panels you have, and the amount of sunlight your home receives per day. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the energy you utilize, you’ll see a significant reduction in your energy bills. In almost every case, solar energy is less expensive than traditional energy. And the savings will really start to build up over time.

Gain Energy Independence

When you go solar, you become independent of utility companies as your energy provider. Your only connection to the grid will be to record how much energy you have produced, utilized, and supplied to the grid. This record-keeping will be handled by net metering. If you produce less electricity than you consume, you may be able to take the necessary electricity from the grid to make up the difference. But, if you have an excess of energy production for a month, you can sell it back to the grid through net metering. Off-grid solar systems are also available if you want to entirely disconnect from the grid, which is a fantastic choice for isolated places where grid electricity is not available.

Good For The Environment

Using solar energy is one of the most dependable ways to reduce your carbon impact. Solar energy is the most affordable and widely used renewable energy source. It is particularly beneficial to the environment because using solar energy reduces the usage of fossil fuels, which are the primary source of pollutants in the atmosphere. Less reliance on grid electricity assures that you use less electricity produced by fossil fuels, which helps to stabilize the environment. It also helps to minimize carbon footprints by lowering GHG emissions, resulting in positive climate change and reduced global warming.

Now is the Prime Time

Certain things are better done straight away rather than later. One of those things is going solar. The following factors make purchasing a solar system far superior to waiting for technological advancements or price reductions:

Government is currently providing various advantages and bonuses to those who invest in solar systems because the trend is steadily developing and governments want to urge people to switch to renewable energy. Because they are methods to incentivize individuals to invest in solar, they may not be available when solar becomes more prevalent.

Solar energy technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decade, but it has now reached a plateau where advancements will be gradual and prices will not fall as quickly. Therefore, now is the moment to go solar rather than waiting for prices to fall further, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The amount you will save by purchasing solar systems now will be greater than the amount you will save by waiting for costs to fall.

Possibility of Solar Price Hike in Future

Solar system products are expected to experience price hikes in the future as they are experiencing now. This is primarily due to rising inflation that has caused price surges. The value of our currency has decreased causing the solar products that are sold in dollars to become expensive. Based on the current economic conditions, we expect that solar will only become more expensive. This is not because of the inflation in the country and not the hike in the price of the technology itself. Moreover, it is also expected that the government may increase taxes on solar power to better deal with the economic turmoil. This will also affect the price of solar products causing them to skyrocket.

Stimulates The Economy

Solar energy is a rising industry, and increasing industries are good for the economy. The solar business is a significant driver of overall job growth in Pakistan.

This expansion is on the rise. More solar professionals are needed as more homeowners get interested in solar. This offers additional opportunities for local residents.

Solar jobs cannot be outsourced; hence they must remain in the United States. Because of the amount of technical expertise required, these positions tend to be higher-paying. As a result, solar energy is becoming an increasingly vital contributor to our economy.

One Sure Thing

If the cost of solar drops in the future and technology improves significantly, the best time to go solar is now since the sooner you make the switch, the sooner you will reap the benefits of going solar. Premier’s cost-effective and technologically advanced solar solutions enable you to make the most profitable investments that will save you money and provide you with energy independence for many years to come.

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