Reasons to Go Solar in 2023

Why go solar? This is probably one of the most asked questions nowadays. It is a no-brainer for many, but many also need reasons to convince them to make that investment. Solar Energy has proved itself as one of the most efficient sources of electricity generation. Electricity produced from solar energy not only has financial benefits but also helps decrease pollution and make the environment cleaner.

Reasons to Go Solar in Pakistan

If you want to switch to solar but are not sure, we are going to give you a lot of reasons to go solar in 2023. You will see how solar can benefit you as a homeowner, business owner, industrialist, or agriculturalist. Whether your inspiration to buy a solar system is economical or environmental, there is always something for everyone in it.

Get Free Electricity

Would you like to get free electricity? It is not impossible anymore. Well, solar energy can help you generate electricity for free for more than 25 years. All you need to do is to make a one-time investment in a solar system. Solar energy can help consumers reduce their electricity bills from low to zero. It does not matter if it is residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or any other sector. Solar can provide free electricity for every sector.

Combat Inflation

Pakistan’s current economic condition is saddening. Everything is becoming more and more expensive. The reason is the devaluation of the money, extremely low reserve funds, and the need for a bail-out package. While everything is becoming pricier, you can benefit from lower electricity bills. This will be like benefitting from one thing when everything else is becoming expensive. Solar energy is a sigh of relief in this overwhelming storm of inflation.

Net Metering

Net Metering is one of the best things about a grid-tie and a hybrid solar solution. With all the benefits like environmental conservation and reduced bills, Net metering is the cherry on top. Net metering is a mechanism that enables a solar user to exchange excess electricity with credit units that can be used during off-peak hours. Net Metering in Pakistan has become a reality and is now available to consumers belonging to any walk of life.

Ideal Payback Period

With decreasing prices and increasing benefits such as Net metering and more efficient systems, the ideal payback period has dropped down to 3-5 years. It means that, within 3-5 years of installing your solar energy system, you can have your investment back, and the rest of the years the system is going to work, will be an absolute golden period for you.

Your Bulwark Against Rising Prices

Fuels prices are at an all-time high with inflation and increasing taxes by the government. As a result, electricity prices are also at an all-time high. Solar can be your bulwark against these ever-increasing electricity prices. How? Well, with solar energy you can keep on generating free electricity for more than two decades. That’s a lot of time. In these two decades, electricity prices can increase a lot. If your usage, however, is the same then you keep on producing free electricity and paying lower bills. It means that the increase in electricity unit price will have no effect on you and even if it does, it will be negligible.

Good For The Roof

The solar panels installed on the roof also act as a protective shield against harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and debris. Another benefit that houses can gain is the efficient management of temperature during the summer. Most of the sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels and does not fall on the roof which keeps the house cool. It means that solar panels also act as a protective and insulative layer for your roof.

Better Resale Value Of The Property

As solar is becoming more common, more people want to switch to solar power. Some people want to switch but are hesitant, while others might be thinking to install a panel in their new home. For both of these kinds of clients, buying a house with an installed solar system is a great option. Many sellers observed an increase in the resale value of the houses with solar. This makes it beneficial for both the seller and the purchaser. The buyers prefer installed panels while sellers get the return on the investment, they made installing that system.

Protect The Environment Via Renewable Energy

Solar Energy is the cheapest and most cherished source of renewable energy that has become very popular. It is very beneficial for the environment as utilizing solar energy decreases the use of fossil fuels which are the principal source of pollutants in the atmosphere. It also helps reduce carbon footprints and thus leads to positive climate change and diminished global warming. Other great things about solar that make it stand out from other renewable energy sources are its flexibility and affordability. It means that people can choose to go solar on a small scale with personal investment as compared to wind farms or hydroelectric dams.

Create Jobs And Help Economy

In these turbulent times when people are losing their jobs, solar energy is creating jobs. With more people going, there is an explosion of new solar companies and an expansion of the current ones. In order to install and run various departments of these companies, they need manpower. Similarly, from the import and distribution of solar products to their installation, many other people are involved which means more jobs for people. While switching to solar you are also playing a part in the creation of jobs in the country. This will eventually help the economy progress at a faster pace.

Relaxation For The Grid

Solar energy systems help national electricity management in many ways that can lead to the progress of the whole nation. Some of these are as follows:

When more people are using solar power systems, they will need less electricity from the grid thus, there will be less burden on the grid.

The excess electricity supplied to the grid via net metering in Pakistan is used to supplement the supply of electricity to other users.

The people who can afford high bills and people who cannot afford those are all getting subsidized electricity. If the former chooses to switch to solar, then can get low bills and free electricity while the latter can get even cheaper electricity from the government.

As the load on the electricity grid decreases, the load shedding will also increase, hence benefitting everyone.

Drive Sales For Businesses

These are for industrial and commercial consumers as they are always concerned about improving their sales. The millennials and Gen Z make up most of the buyers now. These generations care about things like environmental impact. The research has shown that consumers are most likely to buy from brands that are supportive of innovations and are taking environmental conservatory steps. Going solar will help your company to drive more sales by telling the consumers about how committed you are towards sustainability.

Edge Over The Competition

Solarizing your industry shows your dedication to manufacturing goods while conserving the environment, which your competitors are not doing. When there is a cause related to your brand, the customers are more likely to buy from you as you are not hurting the planet. Not only that but with lower electricity expenses and increased savings, you can set more competitive prices to stand out from the crowd. Companies that have used this strategy have quickly overcome their competition.

Solar Prices May Increase Now

Inflation has affected everything and as the rupee’s value drops, it is expected that solar prices will also increase in Pakistan. It does not mean that the technology itself has become expensive. It is rather a problem associated with Pakistan. Companies that manufacture solar products do business in dollars as it is a global currency. This helps them maintain consistency in pricing throughout the world as well as helps them manage their business accounts in a proficient manner. Because our rupee has seen a decline against the dollar price, we see a rise in the prices of solar products. As we see Pakistan’s economy is further expected to degrade, solar may also become more expensive.

Premier’s Energy Independence Program For Pakistan

Bright Energy knows anyone who is going to have the most significant benefit from solar energy is our dear homeland, Pakistan. All of our efforts and struggles to help people solarize and become self-capable in energy production are intended to make Pakistan Energy Independent. We are working to pave the way for Pakistan to end its energy crises and step on the road to progress and becoming a developed country.

Our mission cannot be successful without your help, and the collective effort of the whole nation is required to turn this dream into reality. Going solar is not only beneficial for you, but it will also affect many lives through environmental conservation and taking the burden off the grid. If you think that you cannot afford to get a solar system in Pakistan, you can come to Bright Energy, and we will help you get solar financing in Pakistan under SBP’s solar financing program. You can also be a part of this revolution by referring to the people you know to get a solar plate system.

We are here to illuminate lives, and we have brought the top-quality brands in the world and made their products available to consumers at the most affordable price. We are also the top name among the solar companies in Pakistan, leading to a sustainable future. If you need any information about the solar system price in Pakistan or if you have any queries, you can get in touch with us whenever you want.

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