List of Best Solar Energy Companies in Pakistan

There are not just two, three or four solar companies in Pakistan. Due to massive adoption of solar in Pakistan, many solar companies have been opened and started operating. This is a very good sign as it will accelerate the country’s adoption to solar energy. It will also help us fight economic, energy and environmental crises.

List of Solar Energy Companies in Pakistan

  • Reon Energy Limited 
  • SkyElectric Pvt. Ltd  
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd 
  • Cellsol Energy
  • EBR-Energy
  • Solar Nest
  • Sympl Energy
  • First Solar
  • Beacon Energy
  • Zi Solar
  • Sleek solar
  • Beyound Green
  • DSG Energy  
  • Siemens 
  • Siemens Energy 
  • Ningbo Green Light Energy Pvt Ltd. 
  • Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. 
  • MaxPower Corporation 
  • Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. Trina Solar 
  • Solis 
  • E Cube Solutions Pvt limited 
  • Renergy 
  • CS Energy 
  • Pantera Energy 
  • Zorays Solar Pakistan 
  • Yellow Door Energy 
  • Solis Energy Solutions 
  • Fb energy 
  • Zero Carbon 
  • Jubaili Bros Solar The Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO) 
  • Novel Energy Solutions 
  • Huayu New Energy 
  • Renewable Power Pvt Ltd. 
  • Proton Energys 
  • Meridian Solar 
  • SolarSigma 
  • Zonergy Solar Development Pakistan Limited 
  • Hadron Solar 
  • Orient Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
  • GSolar (Private) Limited 
  • Orient Group Of Companies 
  • Solar Nest 
  • Smart Solar 
  • Prism Energy 
  • Net Solar

In this pool of solar companies, you might get confused because of the many options. To help you out, we are going to discuss some of the best solar companies in Pakistan. This will aid you in making the right decision and choose the right solar company for your project.


We will also discuss some of the well-known regional players in an effort to help you in the best possible way. Contact us if you have any queries related to solar energy and solar power solutions in Pakistan.

Best Solar Companies In Pakistan | List Of Top 10 Solar Companies In Pakistan

Here is a list of some of the top solar companies in Pakistan. The companies in the following list are some of the biggest giants in solar industry. We are putting them in this list because even if not the entire country, they are still available in many big cities and regions.

Premier Energy (Pvt) Limited

Premier Energy (Pvt) Limited is the leading solar company in Pakistan with a vast network spread over the United Kingdom, China, Hongkong, and Pakistan. Premier group initiated its services in Pakistan in the year 2013 expanding rapidly with many customers in both the domestic and industrial sectors. Over time, Premier Energy has partnered with tier 1 brands of solar products to offer the best solar solutions at an affordable price to fulfill their aim of making Pakistan is independent in energy generation by revolutionizing the energy sector.

Area of Operations

Premier Energy has been dealing with residential and industrial projects with equal importance and attention which has led the company to expand to more than 35 cities in Pakistan. To complete its goal of independent Pakistan in energy generation, the company has completed a huge list of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects. With the biggest project of 4MW, Premier Energy has completed many industrial projects of more than 1MW and countless domestic projects of various capacities. Last but not the least, they even provide solar panel systems for water pumps in the agricultural sector and solar street light systems as well.

Customer Support and Maintenance

Premier Energy offers quick and very helpful customer service. The diligent staff is always available to assist regular and potential customers. The company offers a free quote facility for any kind of customer. It also offers long term support and maintenance facilities to its clientele showing they do not forget their customers after solar system installation.

Net Metering

Being the AEDB certified V1 supplier of Solar Solutions, the company has more than 14% shares in the total KWs net-metered in Pakistan. They provide extensive solar net metering facilities which include the preparation of documents, application fulfillment, net-metered system installation, and everything in between.


Following State Bank of Pakistan’s Solar financing program, Premier Energy offers assistance in the whole process from application preparation, submission and installation so you can stay worry-free while they handle everything.

Contact Info

UAN: (042) 111-234-235

WhatsApp: +92-322-4-234-235

Email: Info@Premierenergy.Com.Pk

Address: 42 E/1, Ghalib Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.

Reon Energy Limited

Reon Energy is a part of Dawood Hercules Corporation and was started in 2012 with the head office based in Karachi. Reon has expanded with time, opening offices and services in other major cities of Lahore and Islamabad as well.

Area of Operations

Commercial and Industrial

Net Metering & Solar Financing Options are available.

SkyElectric Limited

SkyElectric was founded by Ashar Aziz, former board of chairman and founder of a cybersecurity company FireEye. Ashar has been awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his services in the IT Industry.

Area of Operations

Residential and commercial.

Net metering and solar financing are provided on demand.

Pantera Energy Limited

Pantera Energy Limited was founded and started its operation in 2013. Pantera Energy has joined the upper echelon of the top solar companies, thanks to their recent upgrades. They have not only improved their equipment and services a lot, but they have completely changed the outlook of the brand.

Area of Operations

Residential, industrial and commercial projects.

They offer net metering and solar financing.


Zero Carbon is a project of Punjab Colleges and is younger as compared to Premier Energy, Pantera Energy, Sky Electric, Reon Energy and many other companies. Their late arrival in the industry does not mean that they lack experience. With huge fundings and extensive talent acquisition efforts, they have also made a team that can stand beside other top companies.

Area of Operations

Residential, industrial, and commercial.

They offer net metering and solar financing services as well.

PakSolar Services

Paksolar is a tier 2 company that has been providing services to industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural sectors as well. Paksolar stands out from other tier 2 companies because it offers wind energy solutions in addition to solar solutions.

Area of Operations

Residential, commercial and agricultural

They provide net metering as well as solar financing options.

Top Solar Companies in Lahore

Now we are going to discuss some of the smaller regional but good companies in Lahore. These companies provide services in Lahore and nearby regions. Please keep in mind that all the aforementioned companies offer their services in Lahore and other major cities in Pakistan.

EBR Energy

EBR Energy was established in 2009 and they are one of the top solar companies in Lahore. They have established their name through providing quality solar solutions. EBR Energy has an experienced team and is known to provide really good services in Lahore and its nearby areas.

Area of Operations

Industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural.

They provide solar financing and net-metering services as well.

Alpha Solar

Alpha Solar was founded in 2012. Having been established for almost a decade ago, Alpha solar still is the best among the tier 2 solar panel companies in Lahore. They also have ecommerce set up and sell solar products such as solar UPS. Their top game lies in the agricultural sector.

Area of Operations

Agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial solutions.

They also provide solar financing and net-metering services.

Top Solar Companies In Islamabad

Here you can find some of the well-known regional solar solutions providers in Islamabad. Earlier mentioned solar giants such as Premier Energy and other top solar companies in Pakistan also offer their services in Islamabad. Here we are only discussing regional players.

Solar Sigma Ltd

A well-known regional solar panel installer in Islamabad. It is a part of an international Malaysian company. Solar Sigma offers cost-effective solar solutions and most well regarded for their project management.

Area of Operations

Residential, agricultural and commercial solutions.

They also offer solar financing and net metering.

Potentia Engineering Solutions

Established in 2005 Potentia Engineering Systems have most experience in engineering solutions and solar is their one of the new ventures as compared to their core services. They offer the following services in the field of solar energy.

Solar System – Hybrid/Off-grid/Grid-Tied

Energy Auditing

Large Scale Solar Power Projects.

Residential and Commercial Solar Systems.

Solar panels for Tube Wells.

Area of Operations

Commercial, industrial and residential projects

Irtikaz Solutions

Regionally acknowledged solar solutions provider established in 2014, Irtikaz solutions is a good solar company that provides quality solar solutions. They are also an accredited and certified company.

Area of Operations

Corporate and residential sectors

How to Choose the Best Solar Company in Pakistan?

Here is a checklist that will help you choose the best solar company in Pakistan for your project.


Check for their certifications. While many solar companies have a one or two certifications, the more a company has the more accredited they are. Only the best solar companies in Pakistan will be approved, so make sure you check their certifications.  This way, you can filter out many companies that don’t seem trustworthy enough.

Working Method

Another key indicator is the way a company operates. If you are going to get a solar system installed, it should be a hassle-free experience. You should not be bothered with meager things like calling them again and again to install the delivered equipment. Or it is not right if you have to contact them every other day to check up on the process. A good solar company will always keep you informed and will provide you with the best seem less experience.

Market Reputation

While Google reviews give us some insight into a company’s reputation, they are not always true. Check out a company’s reputation in the market. Consult a few of your relatives or friends who have solar installed. You can also discuss other people with solar on social media. Last but not the least, decide for yourself after meeting with various companies yourself.


A company’s clientele tells you a lot about their services. If you are looking for top services then you must go for a solar company in Pakistan that has done extensive project in your sector. Not only it shows their experience but also tells the kind of projects they have done. It also gives you a peek into the kind of people who have trusted them with their project as well. For instance, if you are an army officer, you will be happy to see that your fellow professionals are happy clients of a certain solar company. This will tell you a lot about what you can expect from them.


Last but not the least, ask for quotation from the solar companies that you have shortlisted. Compare these prices and see what benefits you get with the price you are paying. This will help you finalize the solar company you want to work with.

Contact Us

Bright Energy is a top tier Solar Company in Pakistan that offers the most impeccable services in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns related to solar, contact us and we will guide you. We will also help you choose the best solar system for your project at the most affordable pricing.

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