Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Sun is the largest star of our solar system and can go on burning like this for many centuries to come. Since the beginning, humans have been using solar energy for various purposes such as drying meat, and clothes, gaining energy, locating directions, etc. With the passage of time and advancement in technology, humans learned new uses of the sun’s unlimited energy such as solar heating, solar panels, solar power plants, etc. Like humans, plants need the sun’s energy to prepare their food. It won’t be wrong to say that every living thing on Earth owes its life to the sun.

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

One hour of sunlight can produce enough electricity for humanity to use for a year

Sun is the ultimate source of renewable energy in our solar system. It is a big ball of burning gases emitting lots of energy every single moment. Energy Emitted by Sun in an hour can provide sufficient electricity which the whole of humanity can use for a year.

Every hour Sun releases 430 quintillion joules of energy while humanity’s need for a year makes up 410 quintillion joules a year. That means the sun gives more than enough energy to fulfill our needs.

(FYI, quintillion has 18 zeros)

Pakistan’s Capacity to Generate Electricity from Solar


Pakistan is a warm country and receives plenty of solar radiation each year. Pakistan can easily produce 100,000 Mega Watts of electricity from the sun’s renewable energy. That is 3 times more than the country’s demand. The eradication of energy crises is possible with the use of renewable energy in Pakistan.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

A solar-powered home can alone reduce carbon emissions in the environment by up to 100 tons within 30 years.

99% Decrease in Solar Panel price

The price of electricity has increased by more than 20% in Pakistan while the solar panel price in Pakistan and all over the world has decreased by 99% since 1977.

Reliability for decades

Typically a solar panel system can stay in working condition for up to 4 decades or 40 years. Most solar panel companies provide maintenance and warranty for at least up to 25 years.

Community Growth through Solar Panels

On warm and sunny days, a home solar panel system can provide sufficient energy for two other homes. This ensures community growth and can become a major source of eliminating energy crises.

Rooftop Solar Reduces the Burden off the grid

If a large number of homeowners and business owners start using rooftop solar panels, it can help take the burden off the grid and provide uninterrupted supply to other users. In Victoria, Australia, residential solar panel systems of around 100KW are adding up to 1100 MW of electricity to the national grid.

Discovery of the Photovoltaic Effect

The photovoltaic effect was discovered by a 19-year-old French boy, Edmond Becquerel in 1839. He observed that upon exposure to light radiations, some elements produce electricity.

First Practical Solar Cell

The first-ever solar cell was invented by Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, in 1955. This cell had an efficiency of 6 percent which was a breakthrough at that time.

Current Efficiency

The current efficiency of solar panels is 26.6 percent, invented by Japanese scientists.

2016, a Landmark Year

In 2016, around 30,000 solar panels were installed every hour. By the end of 2016, the U.S. alone had installed more than 1.3 million solar plates.

Solar Stadiums

Nations around the world are beginning the construction of stadiums with thousands of solar plates installed which power the houses and businesses when there is no event going on inside.

China, the World Solar Leader

With more than 78 GW of solar installations, China has become the world leader in solar installations. China is likely to surpass 100 GW of solar installations very soon which will be enough to power more than 15 million houses in Pakistan.

Clouds, Rain, and Winter

It is a myth that solar systems do not work when the sky is cloudy or when it is raining or it is winter. The electricity is produced by the sun’s light and not heat. Even if it is winter or the sky is covered with clouds or it rains cats and dogs, the biggest effect weather will have is that it will reduce the efficiency of the cell by a few percentages.

The Surface Area to Power the Globe

The surface area needed to be covered with solar energy panels to produce enough energy to power the entire planet Earth is no more than the surface area covered by Spain.

Solar Price Fall

According to estimates, the price of solar systems is expected to fall at a rate of 10 percent per annum. While other energy sources are becoming expensive and the cost of electricity is increasing, solar installations are becoming inexpensive making them more affordable with time.

Solar Financing

The best solar companies are providing the facility of solar financing which means that you can now get solar plates system on installments and rent. These steps are taken to promote the use of solar energy for the collective benefit of everyone.

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Clean Green Energy

Sunlight gives life to plants by letting them prepare their food. Sunlight has no adverse effect on the climate in any way. Sun is a source of renewable energy that does not pollute the environment in any way, making solar systems the safest energy generation method.

The New Fuel

Sun’s energy has been used as a fuel to power locomotives such as vehicles, airplanes, trains, space shuttles, space stations, etc. Wisconsin introduced a system of solar-powered school buses which has been quite successful.

Solar, a Source of Income

People can earn money by generating electricity and supplying it to the grid. It not only benefits the owner but also other people to whom the electricity is supplied because they will face lesser electricity issues.

Moreover, industries have started focusing on solar power plants to run their industries because of which solar companies have grown a lot, providing jobs to a great number of people.

Solar Power Pays for itself

By switching to solar power, people do not have to pay their electricity costs and they can even cash by selling excess electricity. In this way, a solar panel system pays for itself. Usually, within 5-10 years a person can easily get a return on investment in solar energy with at least 15-20 years remaining to enjoy the benefits more.

The Face of Solar Plates

The solar plates need to face the north when in the southern hemisphere and face the south when in the northern hemisphere. Keep this in mind so you can reap the full benefits of your installation.

Boosts the Value of homes

A report shows that houses having solar systems installed on their roofs have increased property value and more people are willing to purchase them.

Does it Matter?

The all above facts show how great solar power can be. The more people switch to solar, the better for all of humanity as there will be less shortage of electricity. Decreased carbon production and reduced pollution. Our Ozone layer will replenish and health issues will be less than ever before. New jobs are being created in the energy sector because of the solar power system. Better economy, less load shedding, a cleaner environment, and pollution-free energy source available for almost infinity.

Solar is simply the future and how bright our future is will be directly dependent on the extent of use the Sun to provide us with its energy and how capable we are at harnessing the sun’s energy. Premier Energy stepped into the energy sector to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan. We have been illuminating lives with our tier-one branded products, superior services, and pocket-friendly cost. We highly recommend getting a free quote or talking to our customer service agent as it’s not going to cost you anything but it is going to provide you with a lot of information on how you can change your lives and step into the future powered by Sun.

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