How To Find If Your Roof is Good To Go Solar

This may appear a great deal to do all alone, but don’t worry! You will figure out how to handle this and find whether your roof can accommodate solar by assessing your system size, roof space, roof material, and roof condition today. In this article we will discuss what to know before installing solar on your roof.

Is My Roof Good for Solar?

To decide if your roof is a decent contender for solar, you need to know the answers to the accompanying four questions:

  1. What number of solar panels do I require? 

  2. Does my roof have sufficient room for solar panels? 

  3. What material is my roof made of? 

  4. Will I have to supplant my roof in the following 25 years?

What Number of Solar Panels Do I Require? 

Prior to deciding if your roof can accommodate solar, you need to know how much actual space the system will take up. When sorting out the number of solar panels you need, think about these three elements:

Your energy use: More energy utilization requests more panel space, more effective panels, or more daylight.

Solar insolation you receive: More daylight implies you can pull off less or less effective panels.

Solar panel power: More proficient panels like Longi solar panels in Pakistan, JA solar panels in Pakistan, Canadian solar panels in Pakistan imply that you will require less of them since they are better at converting daylight into energy relative to less productive panels.

When you find the number of solar panels you need, you can at last gauge the area your solar energy system will possess. Take the common solar plate size – 17.55 square feet – and duplicate it by the number of solar panels you need. The outcome approximates the number of square feet your solar system will take up.

How Much Space Does My Roof Have? 

A roof that can’t fit panels is nothing but bad for solar. Given a common roof measures around 1,700 square feet and a conventional solar system needs close to 405 square feet, apparently, most roofs get it done multiple times over. Occasionally would you be able to utilize the entirety of that land, notwithstanding? Entrances like fireplaces, bay windows, and vents discourage solar panels. Solar panel systems in Pakistan or anywhere in the world don’t function properly without direct daylight. Regardless of whether you have plentiful space, solar panels in shaded regions will create less energy.

What is My Roof Made Of? 

Introducing solar should carry a negligible danger to your roof as long as you recruit an experienced solar company in Pakistan. In spite of this, a few kinds of roofs work better compared to others for solar, normally in light of the fact that the roof requires less time, intricacy, or harm potential. Since most project workers realize how to introduce panels on concrete roofs, the process is smooth and the odds of expensive mistakes reduce. Establishment requires drilled holes through the roof to secure the solar mounts to the roof. If not streaked and fixed effectively, undesirable holes and untimely roof failure can happen. This is why hiring a professional solar energy company in Pakistan is important.

The possibilities seemingly look the most exceedingly awful for wooden roofs, essentially from a security outlook. Not exclusively do wooden shakes when strolled on and penetrated into, however, they represent a fire hazard. Solar panels only sometimes burst into flames, however that danger, however minute as it seems to be, reasonably positions wood as the most un-ideal roofing material for solar.

Is My Roof Due For A Substitution? 

Since very much kept up with solar panels can perform for more than 25 years, we suggest guaranteeing the basic material will keep going essentially as long. You could supplant a roof with solar panels introduced. Notwithstanding, the interaction requires additional time, cash, and coordination than needed. Installers basically need to remove and yet again introduce the system prior and then afterward the roofing position. Envision putting a spic and span stone surface on top of terrible kitchen counters. You could move the ledge over for when you unavoidably have to repair the counters, yet doing the full redesign first would have been undeniably additional time and financially costing. By preemptively replacing an old roof prior to going solar, you keep away from this disturbance and save over the long haul. This makes one wonder: how might you tell whether your roof is in acceptable condition? An expert roof examination ought to give a solid reply. In the event that you know when you had your roof introduced, you can likewise take away its age from its normal life expectancy for a best guess. Roofs with over 25 years of life left will get your endorsement for solar. Should your roof give indications of being old enough, realize that you might face a more confounded and enormous issue with the risk of your roof falling and your investment and house going to waste.

Is My Roof Appropriate For Solar Panels? 

The advantages of going solar, particularly lower power bills, are too enticing to even consider overlooking, there are not many convincing reasons to not go solar. Having an unsatisfactory roof is one of them. Hence, homeowners ought to affirm whether their roof can house solar panels by characterizing their system size and how much practical space their roof offers. You can also get in touch with solar experts in Pakistan to have a better idea of your situation. With solid management of your future solar investment funds, if or when to introduce another roof is the last thing to consider.

How Does Solar Power Increase Your Home’s Value?

Multiple studies have shown that homes with solar systems are valued and sold at prices above similar homes in their area. Early studies focused on established solar markets found that home values increase by four percent or more when homes are equipped with solar panels. Installing solar system in a home not only helps to reduce current monthly utility bills; it can potentially Increase Property Value by up to 5.1% more than comparable homes with no solar system.

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