Best Solar Panel Installers in Lahore - Which One Is Perfect

Solar panels are a great invention and they have made it possible for us to combat the increasing electricity prices, load shedding and deteriorating environmental conditions. Because of its many benefits, more and more people are moving towards solar panels with a hope to make their lives better. Switching to solar panels require an investment that is supposed to go a long way. In this detailed article we will discuss the Best Solar Panel Installers in Lahore.

Best Solar Panel Installers in Lahore

To extract maximum benefits, it is necessary to get the best quality Solar Panels. The quality can only be ensured if you get your solar panels from an installer which is trusted for its quality.

There are many solar panel installers but getting your equipment from the best solar panel installers in Lahore can help your investment benefit you for decades.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installer in Lahore?

To choose the best solar installer in Lahore, you need to make sure that the company you are going to choose has following attributes.


Only the best solar panel installers in Lahore will be certified so make sure you check their certifications.

Working Method

Check out their working methodology before you make a contract with any solar panel installer in Lahore. From their working process you will have an idea of the comfort and quality they will offer you throughout the process.

Market Reputation

The market reputation of an installer will give you an idea about their service so make sure you see the public opinion about their brand.


Happy clients are proof of how consistent and dependable a service is so you must see client reviews, testimonials and the nature of the projects an installer has done.


Compare the prices and you will find that which solar panels installer in Lahore offers best quality and best price.

List of Solar Panels Installers in Lahore:

  • Premier Energy Private Limited
  • CTI Integrator Private Limited
  • Bright Energy (Pvt) Ltd
  • Zi Solar
  • Zero Carbon
  • Shams Power
  • EBR Energy
  • Hadron Solar
  • Sun Life Solar
  • Alpha Solar
  • Pakistan Solar Traders
  • Pantera Energy

Top 5 Solar Panels Installers in Lahore:

  • Premier Energy Private Limited
  • Pantera Energy
  • Bright Energy (Pvt) Ltd
  • Alpha Solar
  • Zero Carbon
Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd

We are a certified company authorized by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We work round the clock to provide you ease and take all the responsibilities. We handle all the procedures from net metering applications to the installation of Solar System, so you just sit back, relax, and see things happen in the most proficient manner. We have completed multiple projects of 1 MW and more capacities as well as smaller residential projects of lesser capacities. It does not matter if your project is big or small, for us, all our customers matter the most. By the grace of Almighty, we have a huge number of happy customers which has led us to expand our services to 33 cities. Our clientele includes many residential consumers as well as renowned brands belonging to industrial, commercial and educational sectors. We offer the finest quality at the most affordable price so more people can afford to go solar. Premier Energy offers solar panels from only the best suppliers in the world.

Pantera Energy

They have stepped up their game with their new system. Pantera Energy offers residential and commercial solar solutions. Their battery solutions for residential sector are the most used ones. Their overall market reputation is good and they have completed many residential and commercial projects.

Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon is also a certified solar installer. Zero Carbon is a project of Punjab Colleges and is younger as compared to Premier Energy and Pantera Energy. They have done a good job and made their name in a short time; however, they still lack a lot of experience since they are comparatively new in the industry. Zero Carbon offers residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural use. They offer Net Metering and solar financing services as well.

Bright Energy (Pvt) Ltd

They have established their name through providing quality solar solutions. Bright Energy has an experienced team and is known to provide really good services in Lahore and its nearby areas. Bright Energy is offering industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural solar solutions. They provide Solar Financing and net-metering services as well. In terms of projects, they mostly undertake public projects and have reputable standing in the market.

Alpha Solar

Alpha solar still is the best among the tier 2 solar panel companies in Lahore. They offer solar solutions mainly in residential and agricultural sector. They also have ecommerce set up and sell solar products such as solar UPS. Alpha Solar offers agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial solutions but their top game lies in the agricultural sector. They also provide solar financing and net-metering services.

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